haruharu wonder brand story


Better Vegan for All.

haruharu wonder is lifestyle skincare brand that truly fulfills our day-to-day necessities. We develop top-grade, clean formulas that are created for all genders, generations, and skin types. Our innovative fermented technology delivers visible results with assured safeness, at verry affordable prices.

haruharu wonder focuses on the very basics of skincare, such as how important it is to maintain a healthy skin barrier. Skincare takes patience and consistency, and haruharu wonder makes products you can use on daily basis, with superfood ingredients like fermented black rice and bamboo shot extracts to ensure your skin is kept healthy and bright everyday.



We pursue natural and healthy beauty in our daily life

haruharu wonder doesn't set the standard of beauty.

We respect each other's different selves.

We pursue natural and healthy beauty in our daily lives.



Small changes lead to a Better Life

Sustainable environment, sustainable life. haruharu wonder is committed to sustainability and the environment, and we are always striving to find new ways to improve our sustainability. 

All haruharu wonder packinging is FSC certified by the Forest Management Council, and printed using eco-friendly soy ink. These small changes lead to a better future for all of us.



We care about healthy beauty for All

haruharu wonder dreams of making the world a better place together. We focuses on healthy beauty that is beneficial to both people and the environment. We use braille on all of our product packaging to ensure that healthy beauty is accessible to all.

We Do not use animal-derived ingredients and do now tested on animals. 1% of our sales are donated to the Korea Assistance Dog Association.




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