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Mini Inductie Koekenpan en pot set PyeongAhn

Mini Inductie Koekenpan en pot set PyeongAhn

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The Mini Induction Frying Pan & Pot Set PeongAhn

Mini pan& pot set Ø16 cm ensures perfect heat conduction with a colorful 2-layered body. The light construction makes it easy to use. This is an ideal size of pan for simple and quick cooking. Mini Ceramic Frying Pan is suitable for one person, for example, cooking an egg or a hamburger.

The Ceramic non-stick coating is reinforced with natural stone for an extra long life. A cast-in method that is resistant to impact and fast thermal conductivity.

It is designed for stress-free cooking, fun and colorful, for creative chefs and kids with taste. With the Natural ceramic non-stick coating you are sure of a maximum result. 

Mini Ceramic Frying Pan & Pot Set - Ø16 cm 

  • Extremely durable non-stick coating
  • Even heat distribution and stability on the hob
  • Ceramic interior with non-stick coating
  • Easy to clean / No stain remains
  • Suitable for all hobs, including induction
  • Dishwasher safe

✅Tested 100,000 times by iron scrubber.

✅Tested for 1,000 hours soaked in salted water.

 Made in Korea


This pan is 16 cm, which is large enough for, for example, one egg, hamburger, and cooking various sauces. Ideal for one person's quantity or baby meals. 

Wash the frying pan when it has cooled down. Use warm water with detergent for this. This keeps the ceramic layer in top condition.

Afmetingen en gewicht

Pot 34.6*20.8*10.6 (cm) / 530g
Pan 33.5*17.2*6.2 (cm) / 410g
Lid 16.8*7.2(cm) / 290g

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