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OOBIK B Shark Cycling Speed Cadence Sensor

OOBIK B Shark Cycling Speed Cadence Sensor

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Bike Rider's Must-Have Item that records as accurately as I ride.

Bike Speed & Cadence Dual Sensor B SHARK



More Accurately

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Test Completed



More Lightly

Weight 25g



More Longer

Battery Time Up to 600 hours

How am I riding?

Just like you check your body fat rate and weight change every day when you work out. Bike also have data to measure while riding. Speed, Cadence! If you know these two things, it can maximize the effect of exercise as well as efficient riding.


The SPEED you didn't know

Bike move forward only when a person pedals themselves.
Therefore, you need to be aware of your own condition to ride safely and effectively. If you ride a bicycle at a regular pace, you can prevent muscles from clumping or getting tired even for long distances. Accurate riding speed measurement is one of the basics of safe riding.


that no one told

Cadence means the number of revolutions per minute on a riding.
It's checked how many rotations a minute.
It is the same concept as the RPM on the dashboard of a car, so my legs are the engine. (ex.RPM=90. 90 rotations per minute)
Knowing the cadence helps you build an efficient pedaling strategy, as well as dieting. You can reduce the strain on your muscles even when riding for a long time.


Why do I need a sensor?

If you only use GPS on a smartphone speedometer, there is a lot of data errors such as tunnels and weather when measuring speed. With sensor, it generates data on its own regardless of satellite communication GPS. Speed sensors can measure the number of wheel rotations. GPS data alone cannot measure.


It should be recorded
your riding

It's a waste to throw away my data on the street after a long drive!
We sought more accurate data to record riding without any regrets.
OOBIK, a domestic bicycle product brand, researched day and night

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