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Rexri Creative Anti-Againg Toner

Rexri Creative Anti-Againg Toner

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skinRaffinej Rexri Creative Toner 120ml Anti-Againg Ginseng Toner

Rexri Creative toner used jujube extract, portulaca extract and peach extract. The jujube extract helps to keep skin healthy. High moisturizing herbal toner that continuously supplies moisture and herbalingredients to the skin. Portulaca extract has excellent moisturizing effects. Peach extract prevents skin aging and makes skin bright. 

1.Sanggidan 생기단

As a botanical complex extract completed based on Donguibogam, a rich repository of Oriental Medicine, it is applied to all prescription products that replenish emotion to the skin and complete the skin with vitality and energy. Saenggidan improves composition with collagen component of ECM (Extra Celluar Matrix) and HA and suppresses the enzymes that break down collagen to restore skin elasticity.

2.Cheongsimdan 청심단

Among the 30 medicinal herbs used in the prescription of Woohang Chungsimwon, one of the three major medicines of the Joseon royal family and one of the best household medicine, six raw materials against six different stimulants (wind, cold, heat, moisture, dryness, fire)that cause skin damage are selected and applied to Creative Toner and Cream to instantly calm skin damage caused by external stimuli and to solve fundamental problems.

Entire Component

purified water, ethanol, glycerol, polymethylene, betine, fiji/fiji-17/6 copolymer, citrus root extract, tangerine peel extract, Dahurian bugbane extract, Ground root extract, ginseng extract, sulfur root extract, dates extract, iron extract, hair root extract, peach extract, Changpo root extract, astronomical root extract, root extract, root extract of coniferous pulse tunnel extract, Korean angelica root extract, Cheungung root extract, wind blast root extract, crop root extract, biosaccharide extract-1, Sodium high-aluminates, beta-glucan, Natto-diameter, propane diol, panthenol, buthylenegliolic, acrylate/C10-30 alkaline Bis-Piji-18methylethyl methyl methmethyl-silane, Fiji-60hydrogenated castor oil, Phenylitrameticone, Potasium Hydroxide, Polyquathenium-51, Dysodiumiditieri, ethylhexyl glycerine, phenoxin, aroma

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