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Wow! I Can Read Korean Book 1,2,3 I Korean Learning Books For Beginners

Wow! I Can Read Korean Book 1,2,3 I Korean Learning Books For Beginners

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Book 1 is written with basic letter
without any bottom consonants
so that you will learn head consonants
and vowels as the first step of
reading Korean.

Book 2 consists of fun stories for
each 14 bottom consonant one by
one, so you will smoothly learn how
to read letters ending with bottom
The more you read with QR codes,
the more progress you will make, increasing the joy and pride of reading

Book 3 contains lovely stories
increasingly adding letters with
bottom consonants up to a story
written withletters of double bottom
Turning pages of fun stories with QR
codes, you will enjoy mastering
Korean reading skills with delight.


 Wow! I Can Read Korean 1, 2, 3
are the most brilliant Korean phonics
storybooks which make anyone read
Korean with ease and fun.

The series is written along Korean
phonics course, step by step.
You will easily catch the pronunciation,
the phonics rules of Korean,
and the meanings
through Korean-English QR codes
on each beautiful page.

With the writing pages and the words
cards at the back of books,
Wow! I Can Read Korean series is
a ideal textbook for Korean classes as
well as valuable literature for collection.

The books contain the whole process
of Korean phonics from the very
beginning to mastering the hardest

This is not a workbook, but a
beautiful, systematic, and ingenious
storybook series which will give you
the joy of reading Korean books.

The series is highly recommended to
anyone who is interested in Korea.
And Korean learners all around the
world will definitely love
Wow! I Can Read Korean series.

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